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ILLOZINE 19 cover

illozine issue 19

RISOPRINT COVER by David Plunnkert

Contributors: Sebastian Abboud, Jaime Anderson,
Jeremy Anderson, dave Bamundo, Beady Eyes,
John Bivens, Paolo Chiesurin, Christopher Darling,
Lorenzo Gritti, Ryan Hartley-Smith, Primary Hughes,
Mark Kaufman, Lingang Luo, Alexander Mitchell,
Pierre-Paul Pariseau, Anthony Russo, Diana Schoenbrun,
Blair Thornley, Gizem Vural, Jess Worby,
Meijia Xu, Jacob Yeates, Jo Yeh, and Brad Yeo.

ILLOZINE 18 cover

illozine issue 18

RISOPRINT COVER by Karen Barbour

Contributors: dave Bamundo, Paolo Chiesurin,
Calef Brown, Kyle Coughlin, G.C. Cuevas,
Christopher Darling, Carl Dunn, Eric Hanson,
Cleonique Hilsaca, Primary Hughes, Peter Kuper,
Paoju Lin, Fausto Montanari, James O'Brien,
Ryan Peltier, Krista Perry, Luisa Rivera,
Anthony Russo, Rich Sparks, David Suter,
Blair Thornley, Gizem Vural, Jacob Yeates,
and Brad Yeo.

ILLOZINE 17 cover

illozine issue 17

RISOPRINT COVER by Henrik Drescher

Contributors: dave Bamundo, Helen Chau, Paolo Chiesurin,
Christopher Darling, Henrik Drescher, Carl Dunn, Charlo Frade,
Grafilu, Lorenzo Gritti, Cleonique Hilsaca, Yinfan Huang,
Don Kilpatrick III, Stephanie Kubo, Cristina de Lera,
Alexander Mitchell, James O'Brien, Jim Paillot, Chris Pecora,
Ryan Peltier, Krista Perry, Damien Leo Rice, Anthony Russo,
Gordon Studer, Tom Taylor, Blair Thornley, Amélie Tourangeau,
Mark Ulriksen, Jacob Yeates, Julia Yellow, and Ulana Zahajkewycz.

ILLOZINE 16 cover

illozine issue 16


Contributors: Brandon Alvarado, Jaime Anderson,
Jeremy Anderson, dave Bamundo, Calef Brown,
Maggie Chiang, Paolo Chiesurin, Christopher Darling,
Henrik Drescher, Carl Dunn, Daniel Fishel, Lorenzo Gritti,
Yinfan Huang, Wade Mickley, Eleonora Moretti,
Luisa Rivera Nahrwold, James O'Brien, Tyler Page,
Haejin Park, Ryan Peltier, Krista Perry, Anthony Russo,
Rich Sparks, Blair Thornley,and Ulana Zahajkewycz,
plus work by and a Q&A with Brad Holland.

ILLOZINE 15 cover

illozine issue 15


Contributors: dave Bamundo, Lou Beach, Shannon Brady,
Julia Breckenreid, Calef Brown, Francesca Buchko,
Paolo Chiesurin, Chrissy Curtin, Christopher Darling,
Henrik Drescher, Philip Giordano, Lorenzo Gritti,
Allegra Lockstadt, Alexander Mitchell, James O'Brien,
Ryan Peltier, Giselle Potter, Anthony Russo, Rich Sparks,
Bob Staake, Vincent Stall, David Suter, Blair Thornley,
Gizem Vural, Esther Pearl Watson, and Brad Yeo,
plus a guest editorial by Jerelle Kraus.

ILLOZINE 14 cover


ILLOZINE 13 cover

illozine issue 13 - LIMITED EDITION

ILLOZINE 12 cover

illozine issue 12 - LIMITED EDITION

ILLOZINE 11 cover

illozine issue 11 - LIMITED EDITION

ILLOZINE 10 cover

illozine issue 10 - LIMITED EDITION

ILLOZINE 9 cover

illozine issue 9 - LIMITED EDITION

ILLOZINE 8 cover

illozine issue 8 - LIMITED EDITION

ILLOZINE 7 cover

illozine issue 7 - LIMITED EDITION

ILLOZINE 6 cover

illozine issue 6 - LIMITED EDITION

ILLOZINE 5 cover

illozine issue 5 - LIMITED EDITION